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How To Easily Keep Your Shoes Clean...All The Time!

Rain drives some to desperation, or should we say, it drives some sneakers lovers to desperation. Rain means wet ground, puddles of water and worst, mud – all which are enemies of sneakers lovers. They will ruin a perfectly pristine kicks and so, rain is pretty much the worst in the eyes of shoes fanatics. So, what do you do when the rain comes pouring down? Remove the shoes and stuff them inside your bag, or you could wrap your feet with grocery bags. Either way it will work to keep your favorite footwear out of harm's’ way. If those don’t work for you because barefoot is a really, really stupid idea and plastic bags are not only ugly but...

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How Elastic Laces can make your Life more Comfortable!

Footwear designs move fast nowadays, so why do we keep tying our shoes with elastic strings? Elastic shoe laces turn any shoe into a slip-on. It's convenient, easy and saves time. Plus it looks better. The Elastic Lacing System connects each pair of eyelets separately. This allows you to customize your fit with different tension levels for different parts of your shoe. Never Tie Laces! How It Works... The Elastic Lacing System is a no-tie shoelace alternative designed to adapt to your life and how you move. The modular design and smart material allow you to target how your shoe fits along different parts of your foot, providing personalized comfort and flexibility with each step. Whether running, traveling, training, or on...

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5 Reasons Why Women should Start Swimming Now

While all kinds of exercises help in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing, there are a few specific workouts that are highly effective in releasing stress and unwinding after a hectic day at work. Swimming is one such physical activity that not only helps women fuel their metabolism and burn more calories but also restores their inner peace and stability. Below, more reasons to add swimming to your regular exercise routine. Read on! Image Credits: Pixabay It is a full blown workout session In addition to being a high-intensity aerobic activity that pumps up your heart rate, swimming also involves rigorous strength training of all the major muscle groups in your body. This ensures that you not only burn a...

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How to Look Gorgeous on the Beach

We understand that you love to stay in style regardless of whether you are burning the dance floor of your favorite pub or enjoying your leisure hours lazing around on the beach! Therefore, we bring to you our exclusive collection of gorgeous bikinis and summer dresses that will make you look smoking hot and steal a million hearts on the beach. Have a look! 1. Pamela- Push Up Bikini Available in a wide range of bright summery colors and fun patterns such as stripes, polka dots, and checks, this push-up two piece bikini from Pamela is all you need to make a style statement against the ethereal backdrop of the golden sands of the beach. The push-up bra flatters your...

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How To Lose Your Love Handles: 14 Days Challenge

 Summer is quickly approaching. Beaches are in the air. But the kind of shape we don’t want around on summer holidays is the dreaded love handles. First things first, let’s talk facts. An Ab Workout won't do a thing by itself, you need to mix it up if you want to blast those love handles away. Love handles are made up of fat deposits. To get rid of excess fat, you need a combination of cardio fitness and a healthy diet.Once that fat begins to shrink, you’ll be able to see all of that hard work paying off. Toning your obliques is the goal, but how is this achieved? Get 50% Off Our Fitness Gears! Here’s the plan: First off, eat healthy Every...

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