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10 Round Beach Blankets That Look Gorgeous On The Beach

Round beach blankets can look gorgeous on the beach thanks to mandala designs, each suited for a different type of personality. Mysterious, exotic and eye-catching, Mandalas are simply amazing! Mandalas are esoteric patterns, drawn in Eastern ritual rites, and said to capture the essences of Nature in their intricate patterns. Mandalas are highly sophisticated and intricate designs that call on a very high level of expertise and sharpness of mind! Capture some of this mystic charm with the help of our wide range of mystic Mandala Pareos and blankets. Go through each mandala beach blanket carefully, connect with your inner self, and pick the one that speaks to your soul the most. 1. Round Yoga Bohemian Colorful Mandala Beach Pareo Pareos...

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5 Delicious Cleanse Detox Drinks For A Healthy Summer

Regardless of whether you are trying to achieve that perfect beach body for the summer or simply wish to beat the heat and feel healthier, a homemade cleanse detox drink is indeed your best bet. Detox drinks not only help to cleanse your system of harmful toxins but also keep you hydrated and your organs nourished from within. Have a look at our list of 5 healthy and delicious detox drinks that you must surely try this summer!

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How to Choose the Right Bikini According to Your Body Type and Skin Color

Choosing the right 'bathing suits for body types' can be a very challenging task, especially because it is directly linked to your self-perception. You may have often come across a situation where a bikini that looks great on a mannequin simply does not look good on you. Why does this happen?

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Get Ready For Summer! 5 Simple Beach Body Workouts

With summer just around the corner, it is time to bid goodbye to the over-sized trenches and fur jackets and pull out your breezy sarongs and sexy bikinis to welcome the season in style! However, if you are not yet prepared to peel off the layers and get ready for the ultimate beach frenzy, now is the right time to brush up your exercise routine and work your way to the perfect beach body. To make things simpler for you, we have compiled a list of five hugely effective beach body workouts that will help tone your problem areas and contour your curves to perfection. Have a look!

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