How to Choose the Right Bikini According to Your Body Type and Skin Color

Choosing the right bikini can be a very challenging​ task, especially because it is directly linked to your self-perception. You may have often come across a situation where a bikini that looks great on a mannequin simply does not look good on you. Why does this happen?

The answer is simple- it is just not meant for you! One important thing to remember is that each person's body is different and the same clothes that suit one body type will simply not suit another body type. In order to look beautiful in a bikini, it is important that you first determine what body type you are and then go for a bikini that suits your body shape and color.


bathing suits for body types

Brazilian High Neck Bikini

6 Bathing suits for 6 body types

Here are a few body types and their corresponding bikini styles:

  • Athletic: For athletic body types, a high-cut bikini and even tankinis can be great options. Wear something that flaunts your body's perfectly shaped proportions. Tankinis are especially useful when you have an athletic body, but your tummy is still not well-toned. It covers your abdomen, without compromising on showing off the natural beauty of your body.
bathing suits for body types

    • Small-chested: For small-chested women, bikinis that are bright, a bit skimpy and even floral will go excellently well. These bright patterns can wonderfully complement your beauty by highlighting your overall beauty.
    bathing suit for body type

      • Large-chested: Large chested women can go for bikinis that are less skimpy and more plain in design. Dark colored bikinis are preferred to light-colored ones.
      bathing suit per body types
      • Pear-shaped: If you have a pear-shaped body, you can go for a one-piece bikini type that covers your abdomen. To reduce chances of your pear shape being prominent, you must choose rather lighter colors. Floral prints too can look good on you.
      bathing suit per body types
      • Slim: If you're slim, go for something that compliments your slimness. A one-piece would be okay, but a two-piece will definitely highlight your body shape.
      bathing suits for body types

      Bathing suits based on skin color

      Choosing a bikini based on skin color can be a tad too subjective. However, as a general rule of thumb, women with lighter skin can go with any color. However, women who are dark will look better in dark colors such as shades of dark blue, purple, magenta, maroon, and so on. Wearing bikinis of light colors can create too much of a contrast which can overshadow your natural beauty.

      bathing suits for body types

      Multicolor Boho Print Cross Bikini

      On a concluding note, remember that there is no hard and fast rule about which bikini you should wear. Just remember that as long as you are comfortable, and it suits your body and skin, you are good to go.

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      • Ruth

        “However, as a general rule of thumb, women with lighter skin can go with any color. However, women who are dark will look better in dark colors such as shades of dark blue, purple, magenta, maroon, and so on.” No. Consider how darker skins look gorgeous with baby pinks, powder blues, or creamy mints. The brights also look beautiful. On the contrary, some light skins can get washed out by bright reds or beige. You may want to consider your verbiage for other reasons: The “White skin can wear anything/is beautiful in anything” logic sounds gross as it plays into white standards of beauty and an inculcation to love all things light and white. Just something to think about. And yes, your bathing suits are lovely.

      • Adrien

        Hi Maxine,
        Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
        I’ve gone ahead and modified our post so it reflects the wide variety of body types as of course, I agree that all women should feel great at any size and in any bikini!
        Adrien, content manager at Fit Shop Pro

      • KAren burton

        Your advice is really useful about picking the wright bikini for your body type you have such a lovely supply of bikinis and coloures I will deffinatley be looking for my bikini from you as I’m off to Antigu in November can’t wait to try you beautiful bikinis thank you for your much useful advice how to choose a bikini

      • Maxine DINES

        Am a little disappointed that all of your models are slim and trim and there is not one mention of a style that suits the bigger women. Are they not meant to wear bikinis and feel good in them

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