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*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch
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*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch
*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch
*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch
*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch
*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch

*Super Sale* Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch
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Keep your kids safe at all times!

Your kids are the most important thing in your life. You want to make sure they are safe everywhere they go. You are always afraid to lose them and we want to provide you the peace of mind you need. This Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch is the perfect solution. This fun product is perfect for kids between 5 and 12 years old, you can track your kids positions, communicate with them while they are playing outside, create a safe zone where they can play around, use SOS feature while they need your help, and much more!

Kids are our most precious jewels!

Provide them the safety they deserve and need.

  • Full Color Touch Screen
  • SOS emergency call function, can simultaneously call 3 emergency numbers.
  • Real-time GPS monitoring positioning / base station aided positioning support for single positioning and continuous tracking.
  • Real-time trajectory tracking accurate to seconds. Up to 3 family members can track kids device. 
  • Support SMS / computer platform / mobile client queries, SMS and Internet query location information, Google plane and satellite map.
  • Emergency alarm / alarm / electronic fence / low battery alarm / history track record, playback.
  • Remote monitoring, high sensitivity of the microphone, you can not disturb the case of the listener monitoring.
  • Phone book, can connect to 10 family members.
  • Alimentary grade silica gel. Perfectly safe for your kid, toxin free cooking quality (has been certified).
  • Remote Shutdown

More Functions Info:

  • Chatting Records: Enjoy chatting by text and voice any time any where, click records to check again, support group chat
  • Ultra-low power consumption: Ultra-high integration; Adopt 4 modes locations(Beidou, GPS, LBS, WIFI); More precise location,
  • Touch to Make Friends: Easy operation, just touch watches to add each other as friends!
  • New Dynamic UI:  more vivid, directly touch screen to operate some functions.
  • Support IOS & Android two-way conversation with the phone intercom
  • GEO-fence alarm: On the map of the app to set up the child’s activity area, once the child out of the preset area will trigger the alarm and notify you through the app.
  • Precise positioning: Children gps watch use the top global positioning technology, fusion of GPS&AGPS&LBS triple function, help your precise locate the child’s geographical location.
  • SOS: Smart watch set a number, press SOS button for 3 seconds, you can call and send alarm messages to the phone number.
  • Low power alarm: Power less than 20%, the gps watch can send the alarm information to the central number.
  • App download: Use a mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the box or the instruction manual, and then download the app.
  • Setting use time: Parents can set up class time in the app to prohibit the call, to prevent the children to play in class.



Stunning functions of security guard GPS tracker watch.

As parents, though statistically we understand that it’s unlikely that one of your children may be abducted, it is something you cannot control. Whether they’re at home, school, in the backyard or with friends’, you can take step to guarantee their safety.

GPS kids units have safety locks and pagers, which help to keep the GPS watch from being taken off. Two way conversations are feasible for both the child and parent. This could be helpful in an incident where a kid has turned off from the parents or has wandered away and cannot instantly spot the parents.

Children could send their specific location as an address to their parents’ mobile phones. This is very helpful when a kid visits a colleague after school however might not be able to precisely describe the friend’s residence address to the parent and will make it much simpler for the parent to find the friend’s house. Additionally, the GPS kids watch enables the parent to keep track of their children’s location on the internet.

For the kid who is extremely involved in outside activities, like snowboarding and snow skiing, This could signal the snow skier or snowboarder’s precise location in case the child gets separated from the group or lost in the snow.

For additional peace of mind, GPS also provide the benefit of working in places that mobile phones do not work. With numerous choices, there’re choices for every parent for each stage of childhood.

  • This Kids Safety GPS Tracker works worldwide. You only have to insert a MICRO SIM CARD from your local phone company. This device operates as a small cellphone. 
  • Medium waterproof protection. Kids can splash it. Not manufactured to swim with it or to go under the shower. It is made to resist every day water use. The USB port is protected for external water, if this silicone protection is not closed properly, water can come in. If it is plunged into water, for long time, water can come in by this plug space. This device was tested under water by our supplier and it continuous to work properly. 
  • For wrist diameter from 12cm to 17cm (4.7 to 6.7 inches).
  • SIM card: Mirco SIM card
  • CPU: MTK2503D, 260MHZ
  • Display: 1.22 inch TFT Colorful display
  • GPS: BD2,1561.098MH/L1,1575.42MHZ C/A code
  • Operating System: MTK G
  • WIFI Location:Support
  • Color: Pink,Yellow,Blue
  • Product size: 35 x 42 x 15 mm
  • Battery: Lithume batter  400 mAH
  • Speaker: 8Ω/0.5W speaker x 1
  • MIC: Built-in hi-fi MIC
  • Communication: GSM,GPRS
  • Bluetooth: BT3.0,BT4.0(With optional)
  • location: GPS,AGPS,Beidou Positioning,LBS,WIFI Positioning(With optional).
  • Physical buttons: POWER ON_OFF Key,SOS button,volume+,volume-

Download the APP >>>

Get Your Kid the Greatest GPS Tracking Smart Watch !!!

FitShopPro Kids GPS wearable devices address this developing safety market, and provide improved security with low priced peace-of-mind solutions for modern mobile-family.

This GPS tech is incredible. You could be at work in the office or anywhere and pull-up the map on your mobile phone and know where your children are and make sure they are safe.

For more questions about this amazing device, please visit our Kids Safety GPS Touch Screen Smartwatch FAQ'S page.

Provide to your kids the safety environment they need.


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